As parents we try to give our children everything that they need. Now you see what I wrote right there right? We as parents try to give them what they NEED, not what they WANT. We could never, ever make enough money to afford everything that they want.

Besides the minute you think that you are doing well,, the fads change. It is either shoes or clothes or it is electronics. Shit, I totally skipped right over toys like cabbage patch dolls and Lego sets. What was I thinking?

Oh now if you have girls, lets not fail to mention the dances. Dances like Sadie Hawkins, Prom, Homecoming and Winter Formal, just to name a few. You can not be seen in the same dress, shoes and hair style. God forbid!!! And don’t even think about going to Goodwill or a yardsale to purchase a dress!!!!

You will surely ruin your kids life if you don’t get them whatever is the latest fad. Even though that latest fad will be thrown on the floor of their bedroom within a few days never to be worn again . Ever… AS IF!!!!

Because you just don’t understand!

(I am speaking about raising girls, please tell me what it is like raising boys and how it is regarding fads)

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