This is my blog. I am the only one who is responsible for the content of it. I decided to create it because I have alot to say. Websters dictionary defines “dysfunctional” as being “abnormal” or “not right”. Well then that is definitely me.

I have always thought that I was a Diva. A hillbilly one but a Diva nonetheless.. My family is /was hard to explain. They were cutthroat meaning they would cut your damn throat!! Sometimes for a legitimate reason and sometimes just for sport.

I will go in further detail much later…… 🙂

I have written a lot of journals which contain a great deal of feelings and thoughts, but no one will ever get to read those. Well at least until I cross over into the great gates.

So due to recent events I have decided that I was no longer going to keep my thoughts to myself. Granted I may not say shit to anyones face but I will unload here. I shall use this blog as my therapy..

Lucky you ,,, May you laugh and you may cry.. Oh well. I am unloading…

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