When I was raising my tw daughters – alone. Yes I was a single mom. I was a teenage mom but I will go into more detail later on.

I was attempting to raise two little precious girls. Ages 5 and 7 years old. Oh they were blond haired and blue eyed. Plus they had these chickmunk cheeks that just screamed “Pinch Me!!”. But I would advise everyone NOT to pinch them because both of those girls had such a frickin potty mouth and I have no idea where the hell they learned that shit from?!

Either way they both were not phased by any form of discipline to cease and desist the cussing. I tried bar soap, ,nope, they were ok with it. I tried liquid dish soap and they found it hilarious that they could fart bubbles!!!! I then changed over to Tabasco sauce on the tounge and yep you guessed it! ! The Lil bastards asked for cheese and crackers !

Anyways, girls are pigs. I would not let them have friends over unless we tied a rope around their waste. I had to be able to pull the poor kid out of the black hole when it was time to go. I was not going to be responsible for explaining to the parents as to why their kids picture was on a milk carton!!!

My girls couldn’t tell you what color the carpet was in their room for years, was there even carpet in there ? Well at least they had added insulation on their floor in the winter. Mid Michigan sure does get rip-nipply cut glass cold.

One spring day I began telling them to clean their room ,we were “Spring Cleaning”!!! Yeah!! Every day for two weeks I reminded them as I walked out the door to go to work .I wanted it done before I went on vacation. I had “plans” for them while I was on vacation and it was officially Spring Cleaning Time ! ! WOOT WOOT!

Well guess what my Lil piggies didn’t do? Yep you guessed it. They did clean up their room. So I said if you don’t clean up your room then I will do it for you. You guys remember that I am raising two smart-ass piggies right? OK….Keep that thought.

They get off to school and I tell them to have a great day .I put on some “KISS, ACDC, Boston” just to get me started…

To be continued………..

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