So being the smart asses that my girls were, when I said that I would do it they thought that they were getting their room cleaned for free And technically they were right. Yet it wasn’t quite what they thought it was

When they left laughing for school, I backed my 4×4 right up to their bedroom window!! I took off their screen and their window.. I went to their bedroom with a brand new box of yard/leave size garbage bags. You know the ones, the black large ones?!

I then proceeded to “clean” their room.

When they got home they were all excited because their room should be cleaned and beds made. It should be smelling fresh and wonderful… Because they know how I am with spring cleaning

Boy were my Lil miss smart asses shocked when they seen how well I cleaned their room! There was absolutely nothing in that room! Well I can’t say that there wasn’t anything in there because I am not a monster.

Here is what I left :

A sleeping bag for each of them, a pillow for each, an extra blanket

Three sets of pajamas, five pairs of underwear, five different outfits.

They had their toothbrush, toothpaste, a towel each, a separate wash cloth each, shampoo and condioner.. In their bathroom.

They had brush and very little makeup, deodorant and other things.

That was it. No dressers, beds, desks, lights, computers or phone. Nothing!!

Now I am fair if they could tell me what I took and what they were missing exactly, I would gladly give it back

All of the items were locked up in the shed and I had the keys.

Trust me I NEVER had to tell them to clean their room again!

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