So I hate people, yes I said it. I hate people. Hell I don’t even like my kids. I have to LOVE them but I don’t have to LIKE them.. And trust me when I say, I don’t like them.

I have never liked people and those who know me, know that I was never allowed to go get groceries alone if at all. This is because the results were never a good one. Everyone knew where my spare credit card was so that they could make bail.

You see, when I would go to the grocery store the first thing I would do was to place a 50lb. bag of dog food on the front of my cart. This was to be my bumper guard or what I like to call it, my “idiot buffer”.

I had no patience for people especially in stores. I didn’t care what age they were I did not discriminate per age, sex, blah blah blah. I hate everyone the same. I held nothing back when it came to how I felt about something. I generally said what everyone else was thinking.

So you would think that the worst job for me to have would be is Customer service in Retail !! Yep.. That’s what I was for five years. I started off as a cashier, then I went to customer service manager and then to the service desk. I stepped d to the desk because I couldn’t handle running from one end to another due to health issues

This job shocked everyone of my family in fact they were waiting to see me on the evening news. My husband kn that all of my credit cards were in my car in the center console just in case. My best friend knew the same thing.. 😅

Now please let me explain something. I am the queen of sarcasm So I was still able to get some dings in without some knowing it. But you have to remember that it was so frickin hard especially when you are dealing with ignorant, inbred morons.

For example, I had one idiot who brought in an item that was pure junk. It looked like she picked it up at the trash heap. It had no tags ,no paperwork, it wasn’t in our inventory and I couldn’t find anything to say that we even sold it.

So I informed her that I could not take it back, (which by the way was procedure per our policy) Well she threw a fit!!! Threatening to call corporate blah blah blah..I informed her that she was more than welcome to but I still was not going to be able to take it back.

She stormed off bitching and screaming causing a scene with her nasty ass return. The next thing I know about a half hour later here she comes with the store manager who informs that I am to return the item and, AND give her a $25.00 gift card!!! The gift card is for her trouble ! What the fuck?!?! Are you serious?!

So I do the return, I give her cash, which is against all procedures and I give her the gift card and I have to smile through the entire process. She is smirking too. Now just before she leaves she looks at me and says “Learn your place and never attempt to step away from your pay grade. The customer is always right ” GRRRRRRR. .. I despise the French Canadian snowbirds!!!!

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