I apologize for not posting for a day or two I kind of lost track of time I have a tendency to do that lately. But then I have a tendency to forget h to brush my teeth. This is just one of the joys of having multiple sclerosis

I have had a few very bad couple of days. My dog sheds a lot and I have a hard time keeping up with sweeping up his damn hair. I have to really keep up with that, because now I am tripping over his hair balls that seem to be flying around in a tornado form when the doors are open.

I fell five times today and no one was here to score them, and that was bullshit !! Especially since I was doing my best impression of a turtle on his back!! I mean I was awesome. And no one seen it.

My damn worthless dog came to me and just laid by me, he never even tried to help me. What good he anyways? Oh and I think he’s out to kill me off. He’s laying right in my pathway. I have to walk over him. He used to be move and now he just lays there. In fact he waits until I get right above him then he decides to jolt up!

Asshole!!! He wants his dad all to him. He sees that I am ge a lot of attention from his dad lately and it is pissing him off. He is constantly walk by me giv me the “stepchild stink eye”.

Rick says he doesn’t see it and I am imagining it.. We will see One day he come home and find me all twisted up and broken on me floor. The dog will be on the recliner with me remote watching puppy porn smoking his puppy reefer. (the choppers have been flying over a lot looking for his stash). .. I’m just saying .

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