First off, let me apologize for any misspelled words, words that are missing a few letters, or sentences that are ju plain missing words Apparently my tablet is deciding whether to not it wants to use or keep a word. Thank God I am n being attacked by a Grammar Nazi!!!

Trust me I will try to proof read my stuff but you have to remember, it is my stuff and well,it is my stuff and I will do what I want. Somedays I will and some eh…..

So today I got I got all excited because my doctor has determined that my handicap placard will be a permanent one instead of a temporary one. She mailed me the determination in the mail along with a letter. I was excited by this. This is what my life has become

It may not seem much to you but to me, it is a huge milestone. Now I must believe that I am one step closer to being approved for social security disability. I have been struggling with this for over three years and I am tired. But this time I am feeling so much different

Granted I was denied on the first go around but my newly hired attorneys are amazing and they only go with the cases that they know can win. I am going through a lot of things and seeing a strew of doctors and specialists. I have MS and it is reaking complete havoc on me. I am severely depressed and I have extreme anxiety .

I cannot function. I am not myself I need some relief. I need to know that I ok financially..I need additional insurance and not be told that I can work because I cannot. Why can’t they see that?

I am not faking it, I am struggling each day to just survive. But that seems to be a repeating theme in my life………. :(…… Just once let someone hear my pain and accept it. My doctors say it, my records say it, the tests prove it What more do you want Florida????!!!!!

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