I had hoped for more when I started out on this new journey. I so hoped that more people would come in and comment on my posts. I assumed that my blog would be a major popular site. But I am somewhat disappointed. I have two dear friends who are hear but that is it.

However, I am not going to dismantle my dream because it has proven to be extremely therapeutic for me. And that is worth more than anything in the world. I get views so that is something.

I created this. I CREATED A BLOG!!!


One thought on “What the hell people?

  1. Huh, I tried to comment on this earlier today. Don’t know where it went so I’ll try to replicate.

    I am reading. I do get behind and then catch up. Super busy time of year and am dealing with several family members health issues. I really appreciate your honesty and sharing even though I’ll probably rarely comment. Knowing that you’d like to hear I will attempt to do better but no guarantees. Keep fighting!

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