So today I was pissed off to no end..I was pissed and embarrassed at my very own country. Well maybe not so much as in my country but more towards the government. I am not embarrassed to say that I voted for Trump but I am so frickin embarrassed at the way our ve are treated by our government.

I have this dear friend and I will not mention his name because there is no reason for it. Mainly because there are thousands of men and women just like him. He is a veteran of the Vietnam War and he fought for his country he fought for OUR country!!

Yet him and so many others are being treated so frickin unfairly and unjust. It’s bad enough that when that group of soldiers arrived home from the war, they were poorly received. They were not welcomed back with a ticker tape parade or given keys to the city. They were not given parties and interviews. They were shunned and ostracized.

Now they are still being treated just as shitty.

This wonderful and precious friend of mine has severe PTSD..He is constantly seeking out mental health care for this issue but so far he has not been able to find anyone who can handle his stories slash nightmares. If they cannot handle them, can you imagine how they are affecting him?

His depression has gotten so bad that he is contemplating suicide. So he called the VA Mental Health Hospital to admit himself in and the asshole on the other end said that he would gladly send him an enrollment form!!! Now this would have been fine for a normal call but my dearly troubled friend said that he wanted to be admitted because he wanted to blow his head off !

Someone please tell me why the fuck the idiotic inbred moron didn’t transfer that call over to the crisis hotline or even 911?! Instead Inbred Fred said he would mail him an enrollment form!!!!

So my friend messaged me and told me what transpired and all I asked him was what was the phone number of the place and who did you talk to? I asked him this question twice..And I made a phone call….. And I proceeded to rip a new asshole and then asked to speak to his supervisor. Who I also ripped into.

Part two of this story will be continued tomorrow … Lol

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