I am the oldest child yet I am the middle child. Plus I married my step brother. Sounds like some Jerry Springer shit right there now doesn’t it? And no I am no from the back hills of Kentucky 🤣!!

I will explain it to you so it is make total sense to you. I don’t want you to think less of me. My mom has three children from her first marriage, and three children from her second marriage. We are all two years apart. So you see I am the middle child AND the oldest child.

Yet I only get along with my half sister and my half brother . The two youngest children that my mom gave birth to, well I wouldn’t waste my piss to put them out if they were on fire! ! Karma is too good for them, there has to be something far worse that we can hope for.

Now for the messed up part that I said I would explain.

I met my future husband when I was 12 years old when my family went camping. His family was camping there too. The families didn’t really get to know one another but me and him did. We swam, fished and ate smores. Every year our families went to the same place

Over the years we became an item. And of course we did the deed. Our parents had eventually began hanging out with one another because their kids were expecting a child. Well needless to say both set were seeing one another behind the others back. (“total spousal swap .

Him and I were not permitted to live with the parents because we made our bed and now we can lie in it. He decided to join the army and I was on my own.

My mom left in the middle of the night with his dad. My dad was devastated and found solace in the bottle. And with the other ones spouse.

I had to finish sch because I refused to be a statistic. I knew I was a teenage mom. But that was just a sentence. I was going to graduate, work and raise my daughter. I would live in my own place and not owe anyone anything.

I succeeded on a couple but my plans on the others didn’t work out the way I had planned. My mom said that I HAD to get married and that is what I did. He was not my step brother at that time. But a couple of years down the road he would be.

My mom married his dad and my dad married his mom. I am going to be on Jerry Springer next week! ! 😅

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