You really don’t pay much attention to the little things you do every day. In fact you don’t even realize they exist until you can no longer do them. A lot of these little things are just naturally done by pure habit or instinct.

I am talking about things like wiping your own ass or putting the right amount of toothpaste on your toothbrush. You don’t need need to turn the bathroom light on to go the bathroom in the middle of the night because you know where the toi is Besides if you miss, it just the tub and that drain goes to the same place. Who’s going to know? You can even walk out of the kitchen in the dark to get a drink without banging your toe.

Hell you can even get brave and wipe your ass and be confident. You can even make a to a lot of places without directions. You know the words to a lot of songs and you can even operate a great deal of your big household equipment without reading the owners manuals. Plus the can you better half, kids or grandchildren with your eyes closed and not miss their face!! Kudos to you!!

But what would you do if one day you could no longer do those things and so much more? What if one day you forgot how to brush your teeth? Or couldn’t do your hair or remember how to get home and you were only ten minutes from your house? What if you forgot how to cook? Or woke up on the kitchen floor and have no idea how you got there and why is your head bleeding?

This is my life.

But the way I look at it is that every day is a new adventure for me. I never know what to expect..But I have decided that each day I will laugh. I will find humor in the scariest of situations. I will laugh at myself. Sure I am aware of the seriousness of the situation but I know that God has a plan for me. And until I fall off the toilet, I am good to go!!

I have one step comi into the house and I truly believe I need a stair lift installed there but Rick said no!! So he counter offered and built me a ramp. .Dammit!!!

I did get a shower seat with side handles and let me tell you something . Even if you don’t need one, get one!! !Those things are the bees titts!!! I get the detachable sprayer and just take your time. No exertion, no extra sweating. I can be in there for hours and not be doing anything that will make you go blind or make your momma blush.

For the first time in years I a not afraid to take a shower and for the first time in a y I am not taking a “whore bath and calling it good enough. I was washing my hair in the kitchen sink and doing the whore bath in stages because it was whipping my ass. I was one step away from jamming the garden nozzle into the chain links fence.

I would turn it on and get my lawn chair, walk out there naked as the day I was born and take a shower that way. Oh and pray to God that it wasn’t a culligan water softener delivery day!!!

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