The person I see in the mirror is not the same person that I hear when I speak nor is it the same person who is in my head. Since when did I become so many people or is it that I am just now paying attention to these di people?

Nothing went as I had planned today. I couldn’t get my hair to cooperate with me How hard is it to get the spray bottle and hair cream to work with you? Well apparently it is the most difficult thing ever !! No matter how much I worked on it and what I did to it, I ended up looking like a frickin diseased assed, zombie vied poodle.

I couldn’t get my hands to work with me enough to put just mascara on..I looked like a raccoon on a week long bender. To top it off I c get my front hook bra on so I had to wear the tight tank top that I found. Then I found a long semi baggy shirt.

Now mind you I had my monthly appointment with my shrink, so here I am looking like a real hot braless mess. If that doesn’t scream “I need help”, I don’t know what does?

I walk in to the room and she immediately hands me the box of kleenex on her desk and says “you look like you have had a really bad day” “let’s talk”.. . First off I was having a pretty decent weekend and my week was starting off pretty well in spite of the minor setbacks this morning. But since this heifer has decided to go this route I am going to make here earn her degree.

I grabbed a shit load of kleenex and lay down on the couch instead of sitting in the chair. I begin crying like I just lost my favorite candy bar to the Florida sun. I have real snot bubbles going on with in ten minutes. I am stamperin and stuttering and totally incomprehensible. She gets up and hands me the entire box of kleenex AND the trash can!!! (that’s when I knew I had accomplished what I had sought out to do)..

So I gathered my composure and sat up, blew my nose ,which sounded like a herd of proud elephants. I then began the session with her. Besides I needed that good cry. I had been stressed out and agitated of late .Man did I feel better!!!

Never underestimate me or think that you know what I am going through just by looking at me. Sometimes it’s just a matter of me not being able to put my makeup up because of this damn MS!!!

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