This week has been a true living hell for me. I have experienced every emotion possible and even some that aren’t created yet. I am now going through the five stages of grief. (I am going to try and find a cute video of a giraffe going through the stages). I have had a doctors appointment each day this week which meant riding in a vehicle. It also meant getting in and out of it numerous times. Plus it rained and I was unable to get much sleep because of pain.

The doctors office is still attempting to get in contact with the physical therapist office to set up an appointment to come to my house. They are supposed to come here and visualize me walking, bending down, sitting and other things. This is just to figure out what is the best type of braces will work for me. We know that a full length mechanical, hinged leg brace is one. It has to be one that can be used on either leg.

Then I need a leg hoist for the other one.. But the other one is the back .No one is absolutely sure what to do but we are positive that I am in need of one that also helps my neck. By the time it is all said and done I will have all but 1/3 of brace.

I highly recommend you all research Multiple Sclerosis with Demyelinating Disease .Because that is my official diagnosis. According to my MRIs, I have far too many lesions to count on my brain brain stem and spinal cord. They will be, however, performing the official end count.

I am still attempting to come to grips. I am relieved that I finally got a diagnosis. Finally I am secure in believing that I will be approved for SSDI. I have been struggling with that for over three years now

This may sound weird but once I get that approval letter in the mail for this horrendous disease, I can finally start living. Weird sounding isn’t it?

I am so curious if you can explain what I mean by this statement? I know what I mean but do you?

This is your homework assignment…. Lol… Didn’t see that coming did you??!?!

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