I realized at 10:30p.m. tonight that I didn’t get a damn th done today .Yet I feel like I did a full ten hours of spring cleaning. I did get some crocheting done. But I truly wish I could have completed the sketching but my hand tremors were having a great day and just wouldn’t allow me to hold a pencil.

I came to realize why my husband was beaten up by his five sisters all of the time. I don’t blame them at all and his mother truly deserves a medal of honor. Two really !!!!! Rick is a wonderful man and my soul mate but my lord!!! I have no idea where he has gotten his sarcastic attitude and smart ass mouth?

He has jokes ,a lot of them… He was a true pain in my ass today and that was exhausting.

I have come to the conclusion that I am going to find as humor in this as I do my hand tremors .I have been experiencing the five stages of grief but I refuse to go down like that. I have refused my invite to my very own pity party. Well for at least today anyways.

Who knew that a shower seat would be such an awesome thing to have in your aresenal of bathroom products?! In a norther time I would be getting a totally different use for it.. Lol. But this is still just as satisfying for me. Rick installed a new hand nozzle Now I just need a couple of hand rails.

If Rick had his way ,the entire enterior would have hand rails strategically placed everywhere .. He’s all mine!!

I do want to THANK MS. Because if it hadn’t been for it, I would never have even contemplated starting a blog about me and my past, present and future. It has been a God send

I just hope I can get you to laugh regardless of what I am going through or what you are going through.

Because together we got this!! !!

May you never stop laughing, even if it is at yourself.

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