I have set up my blog to eventually make money. You will start to see cool ads from WordPress and even far cooler ads from Amazon. Please just click on the them. You don’t have to purch an whatsoever. I mean, who knows y may actually come across s you absolutely cannot have That’s is when I strongly suggest that you do what ever you want to.

I will be paid mere pennies on the dollar for every click of the ad plus I will earn a small amount of pocket change for an actual order. I am also going to link up my ultimate book review websites so that you can interact with myself and others on book reviews

My main goal was to make a small business with my life story. And you all can help me out with making that happen .I will eventually get certain links in here as well that are near and dear to my heart. For example : Domestic violence, Breast cancer, Alcoholic Anonymous 12-step programs, Relay for Life, Teenage Pregnancy, and Single Parents just to name a few.

I have a view of this blog and it is realistic and achievable. But I truly need all of your help. I cannot do it without you. So recommend it and like my comments. If you run into any difficulties, please email me wendellsue2003@yahoo.com.

I hope you all keep remembering that all this is new to me. I am learning each day and I will continue to learn .I love to learn. I have to learn all that I can about something first. It is just how I am

So with that being said mom I 8 going to head to bed I shall see juanyagvy in the morning u. I love you too youy.. Sorry my tremors see gett worse. Gotta tshe mybillse:yes me LOL kisses

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