There are far too many times in your life when you feel like a number. Too many situations leave you wondering if all you are not important. You feel as if you are being herded in like a bunch of cows to slaughter. No name and nothing of importance to anyone in particular.

Who do you complain to about this though? Who will listen and what is even more important is ,who will even care? I have an excellent team of doctors specialists who are willing to go to the ends of the earth to help me. But even they are running into roadblocks with certain things and getting pissed off.

However, they will go to toe with m insurance company and even other specialists in order to achieve the best end result possible for me. So you know that a particular situation is ex berating when they voice their opinion about it

It’s ridiculous, not to mention frustrating when even they can’t get things accomplished. They have been attempting to get home care to come in to my house and fit me for my leg braces and bace. Plus they will be installing the carelink security “help I have fallen and can’t get up system.

The insurance company is quick to take the astronomically high deductible and the outrageous co – pays, oh lets not forget the need to file for bankruptcy deductible .But when it comes to permitting you to utilize any of the services, well good luck with that even with the required referral.

You jump through hoops they add small print that you can not read. You would not lie about this and why would your doctor?. But because there are so many dishonest individuals out there who have ruined it for the rest of us, we are paying for it.

And because of them,, I thank you for my delayed response for help.

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