What really irritates me to no end is when people post on social media to “pray for me” or s of that nature and then not say why. Why is it that you can’t say why you want everyone to pray for you?

People will pray for you no matter what, in fact, they are more than likely to be there for you if they knew why you were in such pain. People need to know what you need . Why must you remain so vague about it?

They do the same thing when they post statuses about how they are upset or angry. Yet they will go into great detail about what they had for dinner. Hell they will even take pictures of what they ate. They will tell you what their kids did to upset them or to make them laugh. Why can’t they tell us why they are in need of a prayer?

I would rather them come right out and state what is troubling them because they just might find out that they are not alone. They may find themselves in an elite group of people who can relate. This fact is not better than a prayer by all means but it does give you a circle of friends who are there for you.

Stop the guessing game and the pity party. Just come out and tell us what you need and why. What is so hard about that ? We all have had hard times and hardships. We all have had struggles. It’s ok to ask for help. It’s ok to be weak and no one is going to look at you differently.

Learn to lean on your friends. Open up to someone.

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