I despise technology. It has taken away all forms of sensitivity and compassion..The days of sending an actual card that you spent precious time and energy searching for the perfect one is gone. Now you just get a cold and meaningless text. Sure the person took the time to type it up and send it to you but that’s all. A mere ten seconds out of their lives spent on you. Don’t you feel special?

But what do you expect because a lot of things have changed. I remember getting a quarter when I lost a tooth. I then gave my girls a dollar when they lost a tooth. Now my daughter is giving her daughter $5.00 for every tooth she looses. I need to change my profession!!!

However, I recall having to cut my own switch (a stick from a tree) or my mom used a wooden spoon to discipline us when we were young..She used whatever she could find handy. I had a “board of education” that was made for me plus a used a wooden spoon. I also used a technique of holding a fifty cent piece up against the wall and if they dropped it then they got whooped

Now my daughter does the same as I did but I have one that does the time out chair, the talking thing and the expression. She has never laid a finger on her children and let me tell you, she is paying for it. The generation coming up is spoiled and out of control. My youngest daughter has bought her kids everything her kids have ever wanted. They want for nothing.

I am baffled and yet extremely disappointed.

Society wonders why the world is going to be hell. Really?!?!

It is because we don’t discipline our children and if we do, every Tom, Dick and Harriet is quick to call 911 and turn us in for child abuse. Even our own children have been programmed by the same society that is complaining that if your parents touch you, call 911!!Because that is child abuse and we can protect you.

If you yell at them, abuse. If you grab them, abuse. If you demand that they do a chore and take away their electronic, abuse. Parents cannot win and the children know this.

My oldest daughter tried that trick once. I told her to go right ahead and call. But I told her what was going to happen before they got there. I wasn’t going to jail for a measly spanking Oh hell no!!! If I was going to jail, I was going to fuck her up!! They would have to give her an enema just to get her teeth so they could identify her with dental records!! Then they would put her in foster care. I described what foster care was like. Going to her dad’s house was not an option so go ahead and make that call!!! !!

I silenced that young teenager real quick let me tell you. She never threatened me with that again and neither did her sister.

We have lost that control. We need to get it back. I brought my girls up to respect their elders and I raised them to hug and say I love you. But somewhere along the way I have lost them to technology They used to send me cards but once they became moms themselves I lost the sensitivity.. That’s ok though because I will have my revenge……

I know that when it comes time for them to receive cards ,they will understand how I feel. But until then I have to hide my pain and heartache. The will experience so many things from their kids that they are putting me through .. And all I can do is smile… .Because I placed that Mother’s Curse upon them when I said “I hope you have a kid that acts just like you!”

Happy Mother’s day to me!!! Happy Mother’s day to all of the Mother’s reading this!!!! United we stand….

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