So yesterday I had to have a bunch of blood drawn and what was really sad about the entire experience was that the friend of mine and myself knew more about the blood draw than the person who was actually doing it! Where do they get these people from and how do interview them?

But regardless we had a laugh and she was able to get the blood drawn without incident so..

I am tired of all the tests but I understand that it needs to be done. It just exhausts me so much and I am trying to maintain a good attitude throughout the process. I look around my house and realize that I need to get rid of some things. Box up stuff that is just collecting dust and since I am having a hard cleaning, well let’s get rid of the culprits.

If I don’t have any thing collecting dust, then dusting just got a whole lot easier!!

I am going to use my (rollator) walker with wheels, to assist me in vacuuming. I will sit down on it and scoot with the vacuum in front of me. I have a long hose attached to the vacuum cleaner so I can get it done. All I need the vacuum cleaner for is to get rid of the dog hair..

Plus the walker can assist me with the laundry. I can put a basket on the seat and move it to the laundry room back an forth. I will use the same basket to clean off the table and desk. I will take things to the appropriate place.

I can sit down and rest when I need to. I just need to get going. Once I get my braces and get going on a medication regime, I will be able to get some form of a system.

No one else is going to clean my house and I can’t have it go to the hell on me and become part of my depression. I will not allow it to be part of my stress because that will just aggravate my illness.

So I tried all of this and it worked. But I am paying for it now. It took me all day to try it out but at least I have a general idea of what I need to do.

If anyone has a problem with the way I am doing things then they are more than welcome to get their happy ass behind the handle of my mop and get to work!!!

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