No matter how bad your life is, there is someone else that has it far worse than you.

Yes that is true and generally I fail to remember that. There is someone who is dealing with a far greater hell than we could ever imagine. This private hell could be inner or outer, we have no idea what is going on with that person. It could be a terminal illness, a deep problem within themselves or it could be an issue at home.

I have never been one to take things for granted. Sure I have my moments when I fall apart and feel a tad sorry for myself but it doesn’t last long at all. Only because I have never liked how that side looks on me. I am not a whiner or a major complainer. I tend to keep things to myself. You don’t have to turn on the TV to find someone who is worse off than you, you can find it on Facebook or another social media site… Or just look in your own backyard so to speak.(yea it’s that close to you)

Life is too short so make sure that you tell your family AND friends that you love them because you never know when time will run out.

I have decided to write some letters that I may or may not ever send, but I need to write because I have been harboring some major hatred. I need to release this toxic emotion from my body s I can be completely cleansed. The hatred is like a cancer and it is not good for me. I have about 6-10 letters to write to a variety of people who have come and gone throughout my life. I highly doubt that I will send them but I will be free just by putting my feelings into words.

Life is too short for me to continue to carry this hate around.

My husband and I were talking about all of the time people spend on their phones and tablets. They are either checking their Facebook or Instagram or watching YouTube. They are missing all kinds of things because their noses are stuck in their lil square boxes of technology. Life is passing them by at an alarming rate.

My husband can have a race on with his laptop (numerous tabs open with various race items) , one on the television and he is checking his email and what not with his cell phone. He will do this for hours on the weekend. Now as for me, you give me a stack of books, sketch book, pencils, coloring book and crayons, and a book of cross words puzzles and I am good to go. I would give up both my tablet and phone. I am very se on either one of these.

Life is too short to have your nose stuck in a wireless piece of dismissal depression.

Today I had three way call between my attorney and the disability inspector for social security disability appeal. I was ready for it and had all of my ducks in a row. I keep a business card from all of the doctors that I see and I keep a very detailed pocket calendar of every appointment I have. So I could tell her every appointment that I had and I had every bit of information on every Dr she asked for.

The entire time she was talking to me, my attorney was throwing digs towards her. Things like I may be using a walker now but because of them I will be in a wheelchair next week. I have not been able to get other doctors because I am broke because I am not receiving any disability. And what is the record for the longest period of time for waiting and did you have anyone die while waiting? She was awesome. I felt a great relief after that call. I have been fighting for nearly five years.

Life is too short to give up on what you believe in. Fight for it.

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