If you know me, you know that I don’t use public bathrooms. I don’t use them unless I absolutely have to. And I mean HAVE TO!!! Well yesterday I had to use it and I went to get up and I stood up and pulled my pants up and I fell. I couldn’t get back up. I was without my cell phone and beyond vulnerable. I kept trying to get up. I thought about that commercial of that elderly lady who falls in her bathroom… Yep I have become THAT person!!

I was finally rescued by my husband asking a lady to go in and check on me. The lady just happened to be a nurse. Her and my husband managed to get me up and out of there. I was embarrassed and humbled. Not to mention sore. I had already had a rough day at my doctor’s office and I just wanted to go home. But my dear hubby wanted to take me to lunch because I was fasting and knew that I was hungry.

So yesterday I had my yearly physical exam. It is extreme and covers a lot of things. I have a colonoscopy, mammogram, ekg, an extensive blood draw, pap smear and more. I have to because of being a breast and colon cancer survivor. Now with MS I have to have my blood tested. I have mitral valve prolapse syndrome x3. My valves are not good. I have two murmurs as well. So as you can imagine my ekg was not a good one at all. I have a dead spot on the right side of the heart.

So we are adding a different cardiologist to my team of specialists along with a pulmonary specialist. I refuse to be depressed about this because I am strong and I can do this. Keep dishing shit out and I will keep bouncing back. I have walked through hell and survived, I can do this. I will not whine, bitch or moan about this. I will just talk about it. Because talking about it helps.

I am all about the attention.. LOL…

I just had to throw that out there.

However, no matter how bad I am feeling I am still going to be taking my mom in law to her keytruda infusions tomorrow. She sent me an text message yesterday asking if I was going to take her, and that usually means that she wants me to really go. So I will make sure to take her. I can read between the lines and see that she is really asking me to go. She very seldom ever does that. And like I said before no matter how bad I feel, there is someone who is worse than me.

I didn’t make it to her appointment because I couldn’t get into my truck. I feel so bad but it is getting to the point where I am going to have to tell her that I am unable to take her to them.

To be continued….

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