With that being said, if you know me and have experienced my sarcasm you know how I am. But what if I was to tell you that I was actually holding back? I didn’t want to hurt people’s feelings, not really. I mean if I truly said what I wanted to, I would be classified as heartless and cruel.

Today I will give you a glimpse of what I mean. I need to get it off my chest and reveal my dark side.

Not all babies are cute. Nope.. Some of them are just plain ass uglier than a spider monkey baby. And that is ugly!! Look it up!! Please do, I will wait.. You have to do that because spider monkey babies are butt ugly let me tell you.

Some people’s babies you see, you immediately have to stop yourself from saying “Whoa!” out loud. You are just praying that you don’t have to kiss it or hold it. You are searching really hard for a nice compliment. But your momma taught you that if you didn’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. So what do you do??

There are some people who truly believe that they are funny, but in reality they are extremely obnoxious and irritating. These are the ones that I love to interact with because they have no idea what I am saying. They just assume that I am frickin hilarious as hell. But I am really attacking them with my sarcasm.

Yet these are also the ones that drive me nuts because they are clingy. They will confront you about something while you are doing something else, or while you are with someone else. For example : they sent you a friend request through Facebook two days ago and you have yet to accept. They will confront you like it is a major deal.

You will be talking to someone and they will waddle up and loudly state that “did you know that Wendy hasn’t accepted my friend request and it has been over a week? Apparently she doesn’t like me or she has enough friends”. This crap will continue to happen until I actually say that I have enough mentality unstable friends and I don’t need any more. Or Facebook put an alert on your request because they seen that you were a closet psycho.

She will laugh her ass off but I am being serious. I will be even worse but she thinks that I am frickin hilarious. I am but that is besides the point. She is not only annoying with me but with so many other people.

There are people like this on television too. I will actually stop watching a particular show when this person is on it because she annoys the Frick out of me. She is not funny and you can tell that others find her extremely bothersome. My question is, why do they keep her around? She’s mean and her voice gets on your nerves like nails on a chalkboard. The only thing is, they can’t insult her.

Did I forget to tell you that I am a bitch?

Yes I am sarcastic. I can hurt your feelings with just my words. I can insult you without you even realizing it until you get home. But then again I can use my sarcasm to make you smile, laugh and feel better. I use my sarcasm for good and evil. Sometimes I do it to make myself feel better.

I hate shopping but I love to people watch. I think that should be a sport. If you have never done it before you should. You haven’t lived until you sat down in a store or mall and just watched the people. Dedicate some time to fully appreciate this experience. And I recommend that you have a snack and a drink. Hell I recommend that you diaper up so you don’t waste any time going to the bathroom. LOL….

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