I am far from conventional. I am far from normal. Hell I would be offended if I was normal. I love my country and I love my Lord. I love my parents and my children. I love my husband and my friends. I love what family I have left. But most of all, I love myself.

I don’t care what you think of me. I don’t lose sleep if someone doesn’t like me. In fact I will sit my fat ass right down beside someone who doesn’t like me just to be a bitch. I am not here to please anyone. But I will defend myself and whoever I love.

I love confrontation and I will not back down from a fight. Conflict doesn’t bother me. I thrive on chaos. I hate bullying and I don’t care how big a person is, I will stand up to them.

I have been through anger management and had to pay restitution because I got back at someone. I would do it again. I wouldn’t change a thing.

I have a 4×4 truck and she is my baby. I bought her brand new. I had the word “BITCHIN” put across the top of windshield in bold white letters. The letters were 4″x4″.. My truck was black so it really set it off. My truck was high up too.

I was at a store one day and I seen a little boy read the word. His mom stormed up to me and told me that I should be ashamed of myself for what I had on my windshield. I asked her why? She proceeded to tell me that her boy had said that word. I told her that she should thank me because I just taught her boy to read!!!

I had an old lady tell me that I was going to hell and I said I had already been there and was kicked out for bad behavior.

So that is me….

That explains why I will not accept MS quietly and I don’t expect my husband to either. My husband calls me his “Gimpy Tard” and I am so okay with that. I think that we also need score cards for when I fall. I want to be rated on presentation, landing and creativity.

We can laugh when I get stuck on words and so many other things as well. We already have humor in our relationship and we will keep it. I requested it. I will never be offended by anything he says because I will have already had said it. If I can’t laugh at myself, who can I laugh at? There is already so much seriousness about this disease. We are bringing the humor in.

When I struggle to say what I want to say, we end up playing our very own version of charades. I just seem to point at things and try to mouth the words while he laughs his ass off in attempt to guess what it is that I am trying to say. I end up laughing as well.

Don’t get me wrong, he is right there to catch my tears when they fall. But that’s what makes them so much easier to do because we laugh, love and care for each other.

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