I was going to write about how I was feeling so robbed in regards to the relapses. I was going to say that I pissed about how I just had a great day only to have a devastating day. I was going to say how much I despised the flares because they were getting worse.

But why waste the time and energy? The shit is going to happen anyway whether I like it or not. MS is a mean little, ugly ass, troll who just needs to be eliminated with gasoline or bleach. Something.

I hate trolls and gnomes!! They both creep my out!!

There was this one time I lived in an area and someone was placing gnomes in peoples yards. Each morning the gnomes would be some place else. Sometimes you would see them in a field. I am tell you what!! If I woke up and found those creepy Lil bastards in my yard, they would have found them in a busted and shattered heap of plaster!!!

Now I would have no problem with the flamingos when they were doing those!!

I even cringe when the Travelocity gnome television ad comes on!!

Wow. I totally went off topic. I blame you. I don’t know why but I know it is just your fault for some reason. You know why. Don’t you?

Sometimes my own sarcastic attitude shocks me.. Not enough to change mind you, but enough to say Wow!! And of course laugh.. You have to laugh at yourself right? That’s what everyone is always telling you to do. Those are the times when I believe that I am critiquing my craft… :).. And then there are times when I have to say “wow you are truly a bitch!”

Now imagine this.

I used to be a customer service manager at Walmart. I would sometimes work the service desk. Yea me. The mantra was “my credit cards are in my car and my cell phone is my pocket, just call my husband, he will know what to do”

I am one that hates shopping and cannot be trusted to shop. I used to go and get a 25lb bag of dog food and put it on top of the shopping cart when I was shopping. I used it as a push guard. I had no patience for anyone. I went in with an attitude. I didn’t care if you were young or old.

My family were always on high alert and waiting for the call from the police department for them to come bail me out.

So they were shocked to hear that I was working in a store, let alone a frickin boss.!!! Who would be dealing with people all day long. And I had to be nice to them. That was a thing to do. There are a lot of miserable people out there. They look for anything to complain about and they especially love to find a good reason to get something for free.

You would be amazed at how many people thrive on getting their rocks off on getting others fired from their jobs. It’s like they wake up in the morning and set up a goal. They are not happy until they get someone crying. Evil sunofabiotches!!!

So I am onto their game. They complain about the littlest thing and scream that they want to speak to their manager. That is when I roll up. However, I roll up with my manager who happens to be my best friend (no one knows that we are best friends because we are not permitted to be best friends because it is against company policies.) (so we have to keep it on the down low)..

I ask the cashier what is the problem and of course the asshole customer immediately interrupts and has to tell me how incompetent my cashier is at her job. She tells me how many mistakes the cashier did and how rude she was. I was looking at my cashier and I knew that the customer was full of shit.

The customer went on and on to the point where I finally had to shut down the register and pull the customer off to the side because she was causing a scene. She wanted this and I was not going to give her any more attention than that. I said I have had issues with the cashier before and I think that I needed to train her more. Now mind you she has been there quite awhile. Oh and I am the one who trained her.

I told the cashier to go ahead and punch out and go home. This thrilled the customer but little did she know that it was time for the her to go home.. Lol. She asked me what was I going to do with the cashier and I said that I was probably going to have to terminate her. You should have seen her face light up!!!! The frickin psychocotic heifer!!! I offered her a $10.00 gift card for her trouble.

She was pleased with that and walked out. She makes this a game and does this all the time. She came in a month later and went through the same cashier’s register. Never had a problem with her and never even noticed that she wasn’t terminated. Go figure!!!

Gawd I hate people!!!

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