It can’t be just me that has noticed this issue. There are more and more people who are exhibiting extremely high levels of stupidity? Oh, and let’s not forget about the rudeness that goes along with it.

Yet it is not necessarily designated to one particular age group either. I think that the senior citizens are becoming increasingly more so the ones who are the worst culprits. They are the rudest and the most ignorant. Not to mention the meanest people ever.

They say that the younger generation are the ones screaming for entitlements but is anyone truly listening to the “q-tips”? They are screaming just as frickin loud let me tell you. I don’t blame them because they truly deserve it but come on, you don’t need to be so damn obnoxious to others.

Especially when others are not to blame for anything that is happening to you. Or that they can’t help you with anything. Go ahead and bitch but leave it at that. I am not to blame and neither is the guy next to me so shut the eff up!!! Don’t keep bellyaching about something that I can’t fix.

Now, I may be younger than you but I am not taking anything from your social security. I paid into my own personal social security disability insurance. I built up my own account. I earned my own money. I have nothing to do with your shit. So DO NOT look down your noses at me at accuse me of bleeding the system.

I welcome you to walk a mile in my shoes, you toothless, white haired heifer. Who had the audacity to say “oh I was just going to get that door for you”. Then why didn’t you? You seen me struggling with it.!! Yet you boldly lie to my face!!

How can you live with yourself knowing that you didn’t help someone who was in a wheelchair attempting to open a door? You just stood there and watched. Granted I totally exaggerated my entrance because I seen her standing there with her smug expression.. Lol.. My husband was with me and I told him to stay back for a bit… I know, I know…

Did I forget to tell you that I am a big bitch? Yep I am.

I am not helpless but I am handicap. But I do not use it as a crutch. I still fight. I still fight for my independence. I still rebel as much as I possibly can because I refuse to allow MS to dictate how I live my life. I am still in control of what I do and how I do it.

I still attempt to walk without my cane, walker and wheelchair. Granted I may not get far and the end result is not what I want but I can still fight. It is when I can no longer fight, then I have to worry. Until then I am kicking and screaming.

This week I was pulled off a new MS drug called Aubagio because of major complications. I was on it for about five months and I had nothing but issues with it. So I was taken off it. Now I will spend the next thirty days getting my system cleaned up and ready for the next drug. I guess I will be self administering /injecting the drug. We shall see how it goes.

They are also making arrangements for speech therapy and occupational therapy to come to my house. I am unable to make arrangements for transportation so they are working with me. I have an excellent team of doctors and specialists.

But I don’t look sick. Thank you.

If I am sick then I must be on some serious pain medication. I am on nothing of the sort. I just hide it well. Because I am not seeking pity. I am just trying to survive. I just want to exist and your opinion doesn’t mean jack shit to me.

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