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I want to clarify a few things regarding my last post. It may have come across as a little harsh against my husband and I may have made it sound a little bit like I was mistreated.

I am not mistreated in the least. You must understand that MS is an extremely stressful disease on anyone and everyone who is going through it. It shows no mercy on anyone. It will take the strongest person and shred them to pieces. It will test your faith and it will make you question your choice in every decision you have ever made.

I try to do everything on my own in order to keep things from my husband. I don’t want to stress him out any more than necessary. He is a wonderful man and he treats me like a queen. He protects me from all that is evil. He overdoes it sometimes if you ask me.

He has placed me in a plastic bubble and or he wishes to. He can’t protect me from everything. He can’t afford to worry about me when he is at work however. It is a new job and he is doing great at it. He can’t afford to mess up. Once he gets his own route, then we can begin setting up appointments with my doctors.

I made it sound like I was missing all of them but I was just feeling sorry for myself and I wasn’t giving you the full explanation. Yet you should know better than that because Rick and I are soul mates.

We have the kind of relationship that if you ask a question be prepared for the utmost of honest of response. He’s one that if you ask him if these pants make my butt look fat, he will tell you the truth.. But I am the same way. I have told him that he looks like a brightly-colored sausage link..

So, yes I do need to lose a few pounds and yes it would be healthy not to mention helpful. When I fall, I will be easier to pick up. If he was to get hurt picking me up then he couldn’t do his job. And we need his income. He has a point.

However, he has to understand that the medication that I am on makes me gain weight and I don’t have enough mobility to lose weight. I want to be able move around but it is not that easy. I just want some understanding of what I am going through.

Just because you read it on the internet doesn’t mean you are an expert because everyone is different. Every ms patient is different. We are like snowflakes, no two people are the same. I have Aggressive Ms and I am unlike most patients.

I am not tired of this, I am exhausted. I haven’t had a UTI like most of them have had. I have not lost my vision like most of them have. I have made modifications to our house. I have a hospital bed coming in so I can get in and out of bed. I also have a power recliner due in. This is so I am not on the floor anymore.

I also have a Gait Belt and a Lady Pouch (urine pouch). This is so I can stop wearing diapers for a while. I can then give my skin a break. I will be able to apply ZINC cream to eradicate the urine from my skin. Kinda like a deep skin cleanse.

I am attempting to make his life a little easier and less stressful but mostly I am trying to make my life more adaptable and less stressful for me. My goal is to get my $2500.00 Alinker bike out and using it!!! I need to get moving.. I have to.

Then maybe I can drive again. Or at least pop the protective bubble that is surrounding me.