This is probably a good thing. You can however choose not to associate with them any longer. Which is the best thing ever!!! For example : the person that my mom gave birth to. I would not piss on her if she was on fire!!! I wouldn’t even throw gasoline on her because I couldn’t risk it putting her out!!

I would just stand there yelling “burn heifer burn!”

Yea, can’t stand her. Never want to hear her name… Ever. Nor her husband’s or her kids. If I were to ever see her again I couldn’t be held responsible for my actions. The same goes for my asshole brother. They are both all me me me. It’s all about what is in it for me. I will not do anything unless I get something in return.

Two faced, back stabbing, money hungry, going straight to hell, pieces of shit. I want to deliver them both to hell personally myself.!!

I was brought up to never hate anyone because hate is such a strong word but let me tell ya, I hate them!!! And I have reason to. And now she has the audacity to send friend requests to my daughters!! I have no idea what she is thinking. Both of my daughters have seen her in action and are appalled to say the very least.

I am okay without him or her being in my life. I am nothing like them and I just as soon not be associated with them. I have a heart and a soul whereas they do not. I am not sure who they get this from but if I had to guess, I would have to say from both sides of the family.

My dad only thought of himself until he got sober. He then was a completely different person. He was a loving and thoughtful man. But I digress and I will return to him in a few minutes. I have to remain organized here in order to make sense of it all.

My mom was a an only child and I believe that she had or was bi-polar. Maybe she was even a schizophrenic. You could actually see her facial changes in photos. I used to say that I was her favorite in cycles. She would go back and forth with me and those other two ass bags she gave birth to.

I dedicated my life to my dad when he was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. We knew that he only had two years to live and I was going to make sure that he lived it to the fullest. We made a “Bucket List” and started checking things off one thing at a time. I eventually moved in with him while I was still working full time as a Quality Engineer.

He wanted for nothing. He wanted to make out his will and the list of things he wanted everyone to have of his. He kept asking me what I wanted and I kept telling him, nothing. I am not greedy. I just wanted him to be here. Well he ended up leaving me his trailer (mobile home). No one else was helping me with dad.

Yet he left them with a huge item worth a great deal of money. My brother got his pride and joy, his tricked out GMC truck and boat. . My sister got his huge wooden carved out eagle and snowmobile. I made sure everything else was handed out to the grandkids and sisters etc.

I then paid all of his outstanding bills. I was the one who paid for the funeral and his cremation. My brother and sister refused to. I had to pay for the ashes before they released them to me. My sister took the envelopes that held money in them. They were meant for me.

Once that was done and over with, I was served with court papers stating that I was being sued and I was losing the trailer. My sister was accusing me if drugging my dad and getting him to sign the trailer over to me. She also stated that the will was forged.

I won’t go any further into the details but three years later and thousands of dollars in the hole, I lost everything. I had nothing. Everything that dad left me was gone. I was homeless, jobless, and penniless. I had no one. I had no idea what I was doing or what I was going to do.

All I did know was that I was filled with so much hatred. More than I ever thought I could be. Still today I despise that pig. I am still waiting for Karma!!

What the fuck Karma??? It’s been 14 years, what are you waiting for?? Come on!!!!!