The term “American” is changing as well as the definition. It is becoming more and more difficult to find reasons to not despise those who are in charge.

Since when do we permit looting and violence to occur? Oh, that’s right, they were hurting from the death of a black man. The black man who was a drugged out thug. The thug who had been given the officers a hard time.

Oh, don’t get me wrong I don’t condone what the officers did to him. They should be held accountable for their actions. I believe that they should not be permitted back on the force until they are dealt with accordingly.

I feel all police officers be mandatorily equipped with body cams. And dash cams. Those cams are to be running at all times. No excuses and no exceptions. They are also to have tasers and pepper spray. Pepper spray is to be used only if they are being approached by a threat. Tasers are to be used as a deterient of a exiting person.

Whatever happened to the police being able to shoot perps in their knees? Or if they aren’t, then let them shoot them in the ass cheeks!! Either way they are not going to be killed and they will survive. It is not a kill shot. It can be fixed. It will stop them in their tracks. Also, start letting the dogs loose a lot sooner. The dogs are a perfect deterient.

Each and every day I am embarrassed to say that I am an American. I refuse to watch the news, more so than I ever was. I usually have the TV on just for the noise. I used to love watching the cooking shows and the oldies like “Green Acres and Bewitched” but even those channels are being invaded by the news.

Our country is an embarrassment and we have nothing to brag about. We refuse to admit that a millionaire republican is doing a good job at running the country. He is turning the shit upside down and it needs to be. Democrats are pissin and moaning because they hate change.

These are the same people who have been in the seats for over 30 years. That my friend must end. We must vote in “Term Limits”. Everything else has it. They get complacent and tend to forget what and whom is important.

2020 is going to go down as the weirdest and toughest year ever. Our president was ending ties with certain countries that were abusing our kindness and starting business with countries that deserved assistance. We had an all time low in unemployment and the stock market was rallying.

And then we were hit with a life threatening pandemic that was killing people off by the thousands. It still is… Our entire country was shut down. I am still quarantined.

During this time police officers killed a black man who was resisting arrest. That led to a group of people taking over a six block area surrounding a police station. This area is now deemed a separate city. We have officials who are ignorant and who are glorifying the actions of those idiots.

Then you have the blacks that are now screaming for reparations.. ARE YOU FUCKIN SERIOUS!!!?

Oh and let’s not forget that they want to defund and demolish the police force..

Time to arm yourself and build a underground bunker. Because the inbred illiterate idiots are definitely breeding and THAT is a problem!!

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