So you remember me telling you that I had lost 100 pounds.? But I was gaining it back thanks to MS. Well I continued to gain weight even though I barely eat. I do not drink soda or pop ( wherever you are from) . I no longer eat sugar or salt. I have been religious on portion control without even realizing it. I do however, leave one bite on my plate. ALWAYS.

Oh, I read about doing that somewhere that it showed that you had discipline.

I was becoming more mobile which I was thanking my infusions.Yet I noticed that my feet were swollen. My primary put me on water pills and scheduling tests. She then referred me to a Vein Specialist who increased the dosage on the water pills and scheduled different tests.

Now you’re probably thinking all those water pills must have been a real bitch for someone who couldn’t get to the bathroom fast enough. And yes it is but remember I wear pull ups. I just increased the absorbecy…lol🤣!,,,

I have to watch out for sores and I have to use “butt paste” because I cannot get any sores whatsoever.

Well now I have been diagnosed with Lymphedema. Nothing is working .Water pills,layered ace bandages, and compression stockings. Oh and massages.For a month all techniques have failed. Did I tell you that I swelled up while each technique was being done???

Yep, I should be part of Research and Development.

The next step is Compression Milkers/Massagers. You wear these huge inflatable sleeves over your legs . They will massage or contract in a milking fashion for a pre set time. Right now I have indentations from leggings.the leggings are loose and should not be leaving any mark at all.. This is where I am aging my weight too.

I can’t walk much because my feet hurt so much. I need to walk to lose weight. It is a catch22 or 21.

I’m done.

I am taking all of my toys and going home.. Fuck this!!😥

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