With that being said . I don’t have warning labels but if you know me then you already know the crucial one.


I am generally respectful if I am aware of my audience but if I am talking to you on the phone..welllll… I need to be warned ahead of time. If you cannot provide me that one small allowance, then don’t be offended if I say something that gives you a major Butt Hurt. ( this was revised,editted, deleted,and cancy coated to protect your nampy pampy ass).. Even I am fair.

Now be forewarned, this here is my blog. You are here because you choose to be. I say what I want yet you are more than welcome to speak your mind. This is a Safe Place.

I dont get easily offended. So that is something to remember while you are here. But I ask you to have the common courtesy to let me know if I offended you. Don’t stop talking to me with no reason and don’t hang up on me without any just cause. Especially if I reach out to you. And don’t snub me.

I do have feelings and i do expect respect. Treat me like I treat you.

I am not a phony person. I am not a two faced person either. I do not use people for my own advantages. I can see a bullshitter from a mile away. And I have no problem calling them out on their shit. I am a loyal friend. I keep secrets. I have your back when no one else does. I am the person who will pay for someones groceries.

I know a lot of people but have very few friends. I can count on one hand all of the people who I can trust. I don’t reach out like I should but it is not because I don’t have anyone, it is because of my past life. I have been burnt, betrayed, let down, left behind,and forgotten.

I have been the only one who was there for myself for so long that some things ( habits) are hard to break. Even after all these years. I no longer get my hopes up for anything because that wsy i will never be disappointed. In reality i am the only left hurt.

Alright enough of this temper tantrum. Thanks for listening.

One thought on “I go by many names. Wendell ( actual legal name coz dad wanted a boy), Bitch ( that is a compliment !), Mom,Nana, Mizzus Reed ( all melt my heart ) and now Dysfunctional Diva. But please understand all of these could prove to be your worst nightmare!!!!

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