Will the real Wendy please stand up..

I have been posting some serious stuff lately so I have decided to go a different direction with this post . It is ok to be serious but I need laughter to balance my life out. I have to talk about random shit just to crack myself up. Anyone who knows, knows that I am one of the most optimistic people you will ever meet. I have to keep that person in the front.

I am also a weird person .I say this because I am from Michigan and I can not stand Vernors pop. I can’t stand smores either. I don’t like root beer floats either.

I don’t dip or dunk anything in to any liquid of any sort No dunking of my oreos in my milk or my donuts in my coffee. I can’t stomach the soggy shit. Hell I don’t twist and turn my oreos so I can scrap off the cream of the inside of the oreo.

I have to have a cut up banana in my frosted flakes cereal..I have to have a teaspoon of sugar in my raisin bran. I totally believe in the perfect cereal and milk ratio. I, myself, have an extremely low milk to cereal ratio. I don’t like to try new foods and I will stick to the tried and true..I am a creature of habit.

Give me a faygo red pop or a frozen coke and I am in heaven. Throw in a package of sweet and hot jerkey into that mix and we are friends for life. If you don’t have that then give me some pickled bologna and really sharp cheddar cheese and man… Lol..

I can eat pounds and pounds of blueberries and concord grapes and not be affected. (you know what I mean by that statement).. There is no other taste than that of the morel mushroom. .Oh and smelt

I could eat tacos or nachos for every meal..

I absolutely love goulash and chili. Oh and soup of any kind..I can’t stand ketchup. Li I said before I cannot stand to dip anything in to anything.

I prefer my pizza cold .

I really don’t do leftovers however, there are those exceptions.

Calling me a bitch is one of the biggest compliments you can ever give me but you call me a cu*t and I see black and I will knock your ass out and not remember a frickin thing.

I love confrontation and will not back away from a fight. I am the queen of sarcasm. And thrive on knocking someone’s dick in the dirt. I despise bullying or domestic violence .I have quite a few credit cards so I am not afraid of the jail time.

I am so a dedicated friend who will have your back but fuck me over and .. Well….


Serving #6,985,845,433,001. Please step forward.. .

There are far too many times in your life when you feel like a number. Too many situations leave you wondering if all you are not important. You feel as if you are being herded in like a bunch of cows to slaughter. No name and nothing of importance to anyone in particular.

Who do you complain to about this though? Who will listen and what is even more important is ,who will even care? I have an excellent team of doctors specialists who are willing to go to the ends of the earth to help me. But even they are running into roadblocks with certain things and getting pissed off.

However, they will go to toe with m insurance company and even other specialists in order to achieve the best end result possible for me. So you know that a particular situation is ex berating when they voice their opinion about it

It’s ridiculous, not to mention frustrating when even they can’t get things accomplished. They have been attempting to get home care to come in to my house and fit me for my leg braces and bace. Plus they will be installing the carelink security “help I have fallen and can’t get up system.

The insurance company is quick to take the astronomically high deductible and the outrageous co – pays, oh lets not forget the need to file for bankruptcy deductible .But when it comes to permitting you to utilize any of the services, well good luck with that even with the required referral.

You jump through hoops they add small print that you can not read. You would not lie about this and why would your doctor?. But because there are so many dishonest individuals out there who have ruined it for the rest of us, we are paying for it.

And because of them,, I thank you for my delayed response for help.

Long time listener, First time caller..

I have set up my blog to eventually make money. You will start to see cool ads from WordPress and even far cooler ads from Amazon. Please just click on the them. You don’t have to purch an whatsoever. I mean, who knows y may actually come across s you absolutely cannot have That’s is when I strongly suggest that you do what ever you want to.

I will be paid mere pennies on the dollar for every click of the ad plus I will earn a small amount of pocket change for an actual order. I am also going to link up my ultimate book review websites so that you can interact with myself and others on book reviews

My main goal was to make a small business with my life story. And you all can help me out with making that happen .I will eventually get certain links in here as well that are near and dear to my heart. For example : Domestic violence, Breast cancer, Alcoholic Anonymous 12-step programs, Relay for Life, Teenage Pregnancy, and Single Parents just to name a few.

I have a view of this blog and it is realistic and achievable. But I truly need all of your help. I cannot do it without you. So recommend it and like my comments. If you run into any difficulties, please email me wendellsue2003@yahoo.com.

I hope you all keep remembering that all this is new to me. I am learning each day and I will continue to learn .I love to learn. I have to learn all that I can about something first. It is just how I am

So with that being said mom I 8 going to head to bed I shall see juanyagvy in the morning u. I love you too youy.. Sorry my tremors see gett worse. Gotta tshe mybillse:yes me LOL kisses

You can’t walk a mile in my shoes because I can’t walk a mile, and because I don’t wear shoes.

I realized at 10:30p.m. tonight that I didn’t get a damn th done today .Yet I feel like I did a full ten hours of spring cleaning. I did get some crocheting done. But I truly wish I could have completed the sketching but my hand tremors were having a great day and just wouldn’t allow me to hold a pencil.

I came to realize why my husband was beaten up by his five sisters all of the time. I don’t blame them at all and his mother truly deserves a medal of honor. Two really !!!!! Rick is a wonderful man and my soul mate but my lord!!! I have no idea where he has gotten his sarcastic attitude and smart ass mouth?

He has jokes ,a lot of them… He was a true pain in my ass today and that was exhausting.

I have come to the conclusion that I am going to find as humor in this as I do my hand tremors .I have been experiencing the five stages of grief but I refuse to go down like that. I have refused my invite to my very own pity party. Well for at least today anyways.

Who knew that a shower seat would be such an awesome thing to have in your aresenal of bathroom products?! In a norther time I would be getting a totally different use for it.. Lol. But this is still just as satisfying for me. Rick installed a new hand nozzle Now I just need a couple of hand rails.

If Rick had his way ,the entire enterior would have hand rails strategically placed everywhere .. He’s all mine!!

I do want to THANK MS. Because if it hadn’t been for it, I would never have even contemplated starting a blog about me and my past, present and future. It has been a God send

I just hope I can get you to laugh regardless of what I am going through or what you are going through.

Because together we got this!! !!

May you never stop laughing, even if it is at yourself.

You must be..¦.. This tall to ride this ride…

This week has been a true living hell for me. I have experienced every emotion possible and even some that aren’t created yet. I am now going through the five stages of grief. (I am going to try and find a cute video of a giraffe going through the stages). I have had a doctors appointment each day this week which meant riding in a vehicle. It also meant getting in and out of it numerous times. Plus it rained and I was unable to get much sleep because of pain.

The doctors office is still attempting to get in contact with the physical therapist office to set up an appointment to come to my house. They are supposed to come here and visualize me walking, bending down, sitting and other things. This is just to figure out what is the best type of braces will work for me. We know that a full length mechanical, hinged leg brace is one. It has to be one that can be used on either leg.

Then I need a leg hoist for the other one.. But the other one is the back .No one is absolutely sure what to do but we are positive that I am in need of one that also helps my neck. By the time it is all said and done I will have all but 1/3 of brace.

I highly recommend you all research Multiple Sclerosis with Demyelinating Disease .Because that is my official diagnosis. According to my MRIs, I have far too many lesions to count on my brain brain stem and spinal cord. They will be, however, performing the official end count.

I am still attempting to come to grips. I am relieved that I finally got a diagnosis. Finally I am secure in believing that I will be approved for SSDI. I have been struggling with that for over three years now

This may sound weird but once I get that approval letter in the mail for this horrendous disease, I can finally start living. Weird sounding isn’t it?

I am so curious if you can explain what I mean by this statement? I know what I mean but do you?

This is your homework assignment…. Lol… Didn’t see that coming did you??!?!

So where did I go?

The person I see in the mirror is not the same person that I hear when I speak nor is it the same person who is in my head. Since when did I become so many people or is it that I am just now paying attention to these di people?

Nothing went as I had planned today. I couldn’t get my hair to cooperate with me How hard is it to get the spray bottle and hair cream to work with you? Well apparently it is the most difficult thing ever !! No matter how much I worked on it and what I did to it, I ended up looking like a frickin diseased assed, zombie vied poodle.

I couldn’t get my hands to work with me enough to put just mascara on..I looked like a raccoon on a week long bender. To top it off I c get my front hook bra on so I had to wear the tight tank top that I found. Then I found a long semi baggy shirt.

Now mind you I had my monthly appointment with my shrink, so here I am looking like a real hot braless mess. If that doesn’t scream “I need help”, I don’t know what does?

I walk in to the room and she immediately hands me the box of kleenex on her desk and says “you look like you have had a really bad day” “let’s talk”.. . First off I was having a pretty decent weekend and my week was starting off pretty well in spite of the minor setbacks this morning. But since this heifer has decided to go this route I am going to make here earn her degree.

I grabbed a shit load of kleenex and lay down on the couch instead of sitting in the chair. I begin crying like I just lost my favorite candy bar to the Florida sun. I have real snot bubbles going on with in ten minutes. I am stamperin and stuttering and totally incomprehensible. She gets up and hands me the entire box of kleenex AND the trash can!!! (that’s when I knew I had accomplished what I had sought out to do)..

So I gathered my composure and sat up, blew my nose ,which sounded like a herd of proud elephants. I then began the session with her. Besides I needed that good cry. I had been stressed out and agitated of late .Man did I feel better!!!

Never underestimate me or think that you know what I am going through just by looking at me. Sometimes it’s just a matter of me not being able to put my makeup up because of this damn MS!!!

The little things you take for granted

You really don’t pay much attention to the little things you do every day. In fact you don’t even realize they exist until you can no longer do them. A lot of these little things are just naturally done by pure habit or instinct.

I am talking about things like wiping your own ass or putting the right amount of toothpaste on your toothbrush. You don’t need need to turn the bathroom light on to go the bathroom in the middle of the night because you know where the toi is Besides if you miss, it just the tub and that drain goes to the same place. Who’s going to know? You can even walk out of the kitchen in the dark to get a drink without banging your toe.

Hell you can even get brave and wipe your ass and be confident. You can even make a to a lot of places without directions. You know the words to a lot of songs and you can even operate a great deal of your big household equipment without reading the owners manuals. Plus the can you better half, kids or grandchildren with your eyes closed and not miss their face!! Kudos to you!!

But what would you do if one day you could no longer do those things and so much more? What if one day you forgot how to brush your teeth? Or couldn’t do your hair or remember how to get home and you were only ten minutes from your house? What if you forgot how to cook? Or woke up on the kitchen floor and have no idea how you got there and why is your head bleeding?

This is my life.

But the way I look at it is that every day is a new adventure for me. I never know what to expect..But I have decided that each day I will laugh. I will find humor in the scariest of situations. I will laugh at myself. Sure I am aware of the seriousness of the situation but I know that God has a plan for me. And until I fall off the toilet, I am good to go!!

I have one step comi into the house and I truly believe I need a stair lift installed there but Rick said no!! So he counter offered and built me a ramp. .Dammit!!!

I did get a shower seat with side handles and let me tell you something . Even if you don’t need one, get one!! !Those things are the bees titts!!! I get the detachable sprayer and just take your time. No exertion, no extra sweating. I can be in there for hours and not be doing anything that will make you go blind or make your momma blush.

For the first time in years I a not afraid to take a shower and for the first time in a y I am not taking a “whore bath and calling it good enough. I was washing my hair in the kitchen sink and doing the whore bath in stages because it was whipping my ass. I was one step away from jamming the garden nozzle into the chain links fence.

I would turn it on and get my lawn chair, walk out there naked as the day I was born and take a shower that way. Oh and pray to God that it wasn’t a culligan water softener delivery day!!!

Life hasn’t always been easy

I am the oldest child yet I am the middle child. Plus I married my step brother. Sounds like some Jerry Springer shit right there now doesn’t it? And no I am no from the back hills of Kentucky 🤣!!

I will explain it to you so it is make total sense to you. I don’t want you to think less of me. My mom has three children from her first marriage, and three children from her second marriage. We are all two years apart. So you see I am the middle child AND the oldest child.

Yet I only get along with my half sister and my half brother . The two youngest children that my mom gave birth to, well I wouldn’t waste my piss to put them out if they were on fire! ! Karma is too good for them, there has to be something far worse that we can hope for.

Now for the messed up part that I said I would explain.

I met my future husband when I was 12 years old when my family went camping. His family was camping there too. The families didn’t really get to know one another but me and him did. We swam, fished and ate smores. Every year our families went to the same place

Over the years we became an item. And of course we did the deed. Our parents had eventually began hanging out with one another because their kids were expecting a child. Well needless to say both set were seeing one another behind the others back. (“total spousal swap .

Him and I were not permitted to live with the parents because we made our bed and now we can lie in it. He decided to join the army and I was on my own.

My mom left in the middle of the night with his dad. My dad was devastated and found solace in the bottle. And with the other ones spouse.

I had to finish sch because I refused to be a statistic. I knew I was a teenage mom. But that was just a sentence. I was going to graduate, work and raise my daughter. I would live in my own place and not owe anyone anything.

I succeeded on a couple but my plans on the others didn’t work out the way I had planned. My mom said that I HAD to get married and that is what I did. He was not my step brother at that time. But a couple of years down the road he would be.

My mom married his dad and my dad married his mom. I am going to be on Jerry Springer next week! ! 😅

If you are my friend, I will have your back. That you can count on.. .

So today I was pissed off to no end..I was pissed and embarrassed at my very own country. Well maybe not so much as in my country but more towards the government. I am not embarrassed to say that I voted for Trump but I am so frickin embarrassed at the way our ve are treated by our government.

I have this dear friend and I will not mention his name because there is no reason for it. Mainly because there are thousands of men and women just like him. He is a veteran of the Vietnam War and he fought for his country he fought for OUR country!!

Yet him and so many others are being treated so frickin unfairly and unjust. It’s bad enough that when that group of soldiers arrived home from the war, they were poorly received. They were not welcomed back with a ticker tape parade or given keys to the city. They were not given parties and interviews. They were shunned and ostracized.

Now they are still being treated just as shitty.

This wonderful and precious friend of mine has severe PTSD..He is constantly seeking out mental health care for this issue but so far he has not been able to find anyone who can handle his stories slash nightmares. If they cannot handle them, can you imagine how they are affecting him?

His depression has gotten so bad that he is contemplating suicide. So he called the VA Mental Health Hospital to admit himself in and the asshole on the other end said that he would gladly send him an enrollment form!!! Now this would have been fine for a normal call but my dearly troubled friend said that he wanted to be admitted because he wanted to blow his head off !

Someone please tell me why the fuck the idiotic inbred moron didn’t transfer that call over to the crisis hotline or even 911?! Instead Inbred Fred said he would mail him an enrollment form!!!!

So my friend messaged me and told me what transpired and all I asked him was what was the phone number of the place and who did you talk to? I asked him this question twice..And I made a phone call….. And I proceeded to rip a new asshole and then asked to speak to his supervisor. Who I also ripped into.

Part two of this story will be continued tomorrow … Lol

Today I ventured outside to get the stink off

So I sit in the house day in and day out think that I truly need to get out or I will go insane! But then I go out and I realize “What the hell was I thinking?! I mean there is the traffic, the rude people, and the rude people driving! !

I am not allowed to do any pit maneuvers, road rage techniques, bump and runs or any thing else that can possibly be misconstrued as road rage. Even though I have informed certain people the whereabouts of the location of m cred cards so that I can be bailed out of jail.

I have been diagnosed with manic depression disorder, anxiety disorder and panic disorder so what court is going to hold me? I am a living and breathing basket case that is 100% unstable!!! I can also cry on a dime and produce snot bubbles. I can so be realistic.. I can even drop into the rocking fetal position with the authentic sucking of the thumb! So don’t try me….

Anyway I seem to have went off on a tangent there didn’t I? Dammit all.. .

I purposely got out today to take my wonderful mom in law to her KEYTRUDA treatment. I haven’t taken her to it in a while because of my own health issues but I felt it was time for me to do so. It is my responsibility to make sure that she is being treated well.

For the past few treatments her hu has been taking her and even her daughter has taken her, which I think is great. They need to be a part of the process. I highly encourage every family member to go at least once. But I needed to get my fat ass back in there since I am here patient advocate. I am glad that I did .

It gives me the chance to “show my ass ” and defend her I make sure that she is not getting any unnecessary tests or prescription. I tell her oncologist things that she won’t say. I kind of tattle on her if you will. I kind of force them to explain tests to her in layman’s terms.

Let’s just say that I put the nurse practioneer in her place today. I told her more about mom’s condition and her test results then she knew. It’s my job to know things It’s my priority to stay on top of things, to stay informed.

No matter how bad I feel, I will always go to her appointments when she talks to her oncologist. I may not make it to the normal treatment ones but I have made sure that someone will be there with her. It’s my job. It’s what I promised the family..It’s not all about me, it’s about her.

It’s family and it’s what we do…. ..